Whoa-Yeah: Fouquet and Austin Check-In with High Praise for Songs…

Nothing warms the cold heart of an author more than getting a nice shot in the arm from your fellow writers. Case in point: some great love and praise for Songs of Vagabonds, Misfits, and Sinners from Twenty Stories author Kristin Fouquet and The Red Album of Asbury Park scribe Alex Austin. Being a fan of both Kristin and Alex (as you can tell by my own reviews of Twenty Stories and The Red Album of Asbury Park), it was great to receive such high marks from both.

Kristin chimed in via a post on her Le Salon Annex blog:

Ken Wohlrob must love his city. The author of The Love Book returns with stories so encrusted with the ambiance of New York, they could not have come from anyone else other than a resident. These stories, sometimes soft focused and sentimental about the city that was, other times microscopic in their harsh scrutiny, share one thing in common- characters. Wohlrob empathizes with these denizens occupying a rapidly evolving environment.

Alex via his review on GoodReads.

In his aptly named new collection of stories, Songs of Vagabonds, Misfits and Sinners, Wohlrob presents a cast of New York denizens trapped by self-delusion, drug addiction, dehumanizing jobs, self-destructive ambitions, family loyalty, old school entropy, smothering debt and always reliable fate, whose only reward for this shit blizzard called life is a moment or two of stunning bewildering truth.

And now that you’re inspired to pick up a copy of Songs…, be sure to grab these excellent books from Kristin and Alex as well. Also check out Alex’s The Red Album of Asbury Park Remixed podcast which includes the full novel along with songs from a slew of Garden State bands.

Twenty Stories by Kristin FoquetThe Red Album of Asbury Park by Alex Austin