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El Mano Negro - A Man's Home Is His TombstoneEl Mano Negro – A Man’s Home Is His Tombstone EP

The brand new El Mano Negro EP featuring three new songs, including a cover of a Johnny Cash classic (done-up in our own dust devil voodoo blues style).

Bandcamp | iTunes | Amazon | Google Play.

El Mano Negro - Memento Mori EPEl Mano Negro – Memento Mori EP

The very first El Mano Negro EP. Two new tracks of American dust devil voodoo blues presented in our patented surf rock-meets-doom style. Beauty and melancholy channeled through thick sheets of reverb and fuzz. Best served at the hour of the wolf…

Bandcamp | iTunes | Amazon | Google Play.

Songs of Vagabonds, Misfits, and Sinners Soundtrack

The original soundtrack to the book.

Bandcamp | iTunes | Amazon | Google Play.

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  1. Ken, thanks for sharing this. Look forward to the read—dare I say especially after enjoying these jams immensely. Great tone, sir. Best, S

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