Songs of Vagabonds, Misfits, and Sinners

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Bully Press, November 2010

From the author of THE LOVE BOOK, a collection of gritty tales set in New York City, a town full of characters who are as out of place in their own skins as they are in the ever-evolving neighborhoods they call home. Click on the buy links to the left to order your copy.

The Soundtrack
In addition, an original soundtrack has been created for this collection. Inspired by great movie scores from Ennio Morricone, John Carpenter, Neil Young, Nick Cave, and John Barry, as well as garage rock, no wave, old-school punk, and ’60s surf tunes, each theme captures the mood and energy of the stories. Learn more about it here, or listen to the songs in via the media player on the left and click the links to buy.

The Stories

  • Non Ho Tutto il Giorno: In Carroll Gardens, an old Italian neighborhood that is not so Italian anymore, two locals who spent their entire lives there suddenly feel out of place.
  • Job in Williamsburg: For Ramón, a janitor from South Williamsburg, art is life. He talks to paintings. Sometimes they talk back to him. Now, he thinks he has just created a masterpiece.
  • The Metronome Winds Down: If Pat can scrape together ten grand, he can buy his wife two more months of medical treatment. He has a scheme, but everything has a cost.
  • The Look: In Washington Heights, the highest point in Manhattan, life is going downhill for Liz and her daughter Haley, who are barely making ends meet, thanks to Mom’s new occupation downtown.
  • Claimus Flees Manhattan: Albert Claimus wakes up from a booze-fueled sleep in his Hell’s Kitchen apartment to find out that he’s being watched. But by whom?

These are stories of a city that is familiar and yet constantly changing, populated by characters who never saw it coming and are struggling to get it together.