Part 3 of Claimus Flees Manhattan Now Live on Undie Press

Claimus Flees Manhattan Part 3“Suspects. Who are the suspects? Who could access Claimus’ apartment? Well, other than mother…”

Part 3 of my brand new 6-part story, “Claimus Flees Manhattan,” is now live on Undie Press.

The story so far: It is the hottest day of the year. Albert Claimus has been forced from the sanctuary of his home by a strange incident — an uncanny intrusion on his personal space. Now, forced out on to the streets, Claimus goes to the only safe place in all of Manhattan — a bar — to narrow his list of potential suspects. While seeking solace in a glass of whiskey, we learn who may have it out for our non-hero and get an eerie glimpse in to the love life of Claimus.

Once again, this installment includes a new illustration by the great Chris Sinderson.

You can still read previous installments here: Part 1 | Part 2

“Claimus Flees Manhattan” is also in my new short story collection, Songs of Vagabonds, Misfits, and Sinners, which you can grab just about anywhere (but here’s a handy link with places where you can get the book or eBook):

And there’s even a soundtrack I created for the book, including a theme for “Claimus Flees Manhattan.” You can grab it off iTunes or BandCamp.

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