Indie & Small Press Book Fair Recap

My fellow Blacksmiths for Literary Progress and I had a hell of a time at the 21st Annual Indie & Small Press Book Fair here in New York City this past weekend. We’ve always been big fans of the fair as it attracts an interesting mix of presses from more well known names like Akashic, NYRB, and Soft Skull to obscure one-woman-armies like B. Rugged Needless to say, it was an honor to have a table at the event.

Brian Cogan (Encylopedia of Punk), Mike Faloon (Go Metric), and myself were on hand to represent the cause, with a special appearance by honorary member Richard Leck (Memory Hair) who kept us entertained with the best of W.C. Fields and Groucho Marx. Tim Hall (Full of It), Karen Lillis (The Second Elizabeth), and Ben Tanzer (Most Likely You Go Your Way and I’ll Go Mine) couldn’t make it to town, but their books did, much to the pleasure of those that snagged a copy.

We were lucky enough to be in a good corner on the balcony next to the good folks at Microcosm and Manic D Press which allowed us to meet a bunch of brand new friends and readers. We shook hands, introduced our work to the people, and even signed a few books. I was especially happy to sell all of the copies of The Love Book I had on hand, each one signed and personalized for the good person who plucked down their hard-earned cash.

A hearty thank you to all those that took the time to stop by the table and even picked up a copy of one of our books.

Here are a few shots for your ocular amusement.

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